Thursday, December 16, 2010

Age is Just a Number

This morning in the gym I saw two 70 year old ladies "pumping iron" (lifting weights). Very cool.  They were energetic and moving with purpose.  So age can be just a number......with the right preparation.  One thing I noticed which can be very helpful for those wanting to be like these ladies is that they were keeping each other accountable.  I overheard them discussing what their plan was for the morning.  They discussed how many reps, how much weight and in what order they would be doing the exercises.  This can help keep you motivated with a purpose.  They also were being safe and lifting the weights with the proper, technique,  posture, etc.  So a few tips that may help make your New Year the beginning of a new life is to find a workout partner to keep you accountable, plan your activities, find out from your chiropractor which exercises you should refrain from, perhaps hire a trainer for a few sessions to learn proper technique and how to use the equipment, have clear cut goals and above all have fun!